Breathing Back Intelligence into Innovations in Electronic Ticketing for Public Transport

With over 18 years of expertise, I’ve been instrumental in driving the success of public transport operators, public transit agencies, AFC system operators, and investors in AFC and electronic ticketing systems. By designing, implementing, and optimizing AFC systems, I have consistently delivered value and efficiency to enhance the ticketing and fare collection landscape.

As a seasoned professional in the field, I am deeply passionate about fostering collaboration between businesses and government entities in related markets. Recognized for my thought leadership, I continuously push boundaries to deliver innovative solutions that evolve the way we approach ticketing and fare collection, ultimately enhancing the convenience and efficiency of public transportation systems.

My skill set extends beyond technical expertise. I specialize in government relations, strategic planning, marketing, and financial modeling, enabling me to navigate the complexities of urban transportation and technologies. I thrive in fostering private-public partnerships that drive growth and achieve shared goals.

Acknowledged by customers, partners, and competitors alike, I bring exceptional sales acumen and expertise in delivering impactful presentations, public speeches, pitches, and negotiations. Together, we can elevate our game and make a significant difference in the industry.

If you’re seeking a collaborative partner to “evolutionize” your approach to public transport, let’s connect and drive positive change together!