Who said passengers should pay in buses?

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Following my reflections in my previous posts:

Those pseudo-innovations in fare collection for public transport often focus on introducing various payment methods inside vehicles.

But who said that passengers should continue paying their fares when boarding buses? This is the most archaic and primitive approach that should be changed, rather than offering new ways of payment inside vehicles, no matter how “innovative” they may seem.

Think about it: do we pay our fares when we take our seat on a plane or in a movie theater? So why, when it comes to public transit, don’t we do the same?

I’m strongly convinced that the future of fare collection lies in moving away from paying upon boarding (don’t confuse this with free rides and free transport).

This shift represents the real innovation and addresses the core issues, such as on-board payment processing and handling, stable connection, and fast transactions. This is the real challenge.

So, I can’t help but question those archaic ideas that hold us back with in-vehicle payments, regardless of how innovative they may appear to be…