Rediscovering the ‘Public’ in Public Transport

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It seems as though the very essence of ‘public transport’ has been forgotten, particularly by those who claim to ‘innovate’ and ‘revolutionize’ this essential service with their grandiose ideas.

Public transport, also referred to as public transportation, earns its ‘public’ moniker due to its availability for use by the general populace. The ‘public’ nature of these services suggests an open invitation to anyone willing to pay the fare. This is in stark contrast to private transportation services, which may cater exclusively to specific individuals or groups.

Therefore, any attempt to provide public transport services selectively, catering solely to certain demographics, contradicts the fundamental spirit of public transportation. Formally speaking, such approaches could even be considered illegal.

Public transportation should be unconditionally accessible to anyone, provided they pay their fare. It is in the very fabric of its definition - ‘public for a reason, let’s not forget that.

Rediscovering Public Transport